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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Overuse of Urgency (law-making 101: part two)

21 Mar

In the past year there has been growing concern that the National government has been abusing their power to pass laws under urgency. ‘Urgency’ is a normal parliamentary tool used to help deal with a backload of work but critics argue increasingly the use of urgency to pass laws is threatening transparency, scrutiny in the normal select committee process and the public’s ability to engage with this process. Some bills that have been passed under urgency since 2008 include the sacking of Environment Canterbury’s elected council, the increase of GST and the introduction of National Standards for primary schools. This is the second part of a blog on Law-making 101. I will briefly explain what ‘urgency’ is and how it is potentially being abused. Several media and blog sites have commented on this here, here and here

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