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Online Organising in New Zealand

3 Jun

Anyone who occasionally glances at a computer these days will no doubt have come into contact with the phenomenon called “online organising”.  The term is a relatively crude one which encapsulates everything from a facebook petition campaign started by a 13 year old to see their favourite band play at Big Day Out, to an efficiently organised multi-national advocacy campaign targeting the United Nations by international groups such as ‘Avaaz’.  Like it or not ‘online organising’ is fast becoming a vital piece of democratic infrastructure for the 21st century.  A new wave of organisations has emerged worldwide over the last decade in an attempt to harness and co-ordinate this power for real change offered by new technology.  Currently this movement is in its infancy in New Zealand and we are one of the few developed nations without a mainstream citizen-led organisation to counter the power of governments, corporations and lobby groups.  However, the community behind such movements are their real source of power and the more such organisations do to engage communities, the more effective they are in achieving their goals. Continue reading

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