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Diary of a Frustrated Christchurch Limbo Local

13 May

It is coming up to mid May 2012 and we (the long suffering orange zone limbo landers) continue to languish in our damaged houses. An entire suburb of nearly 250 households of young and old left hanging with no end in sight and wishing bolts of lightning upon the bureaucrats dithering and diving in closeted offices.

D-week for a decision release to red or green zoning, promised by both CERA and Gerry Brownlee by end of April (mind you he did not say which year), did not happen. Neither did Gerry’s first stab with October 2011, as this date passed quietly by without anybody feeling the need to inform us, the earthquake victims.

It is no secret this Earthquake Minister and master of bluster is nicknamed ‘bully’ around Parliament, and no surprise he has shown scant understanding of the plight of residential quake victims. Nor is it surprising that he is widely perceived as stealing the thunder of the real architects behind the commercial rebuilds by only turning up to front the media. Continue reading

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