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Something is Rotten in the State of New Zealand

7 May

Some of the contributors to elevenhoursahead took part in the Aotearoa Not for Profit hikoi last Friday. We were proud and humbled to march with 2000- 5000 fellow New Zealanders against the sale of New Zealand’s publically owned assets.  It was therefore with dismay and disappointment that we later watched John Key offhandedly dismiss the voices of his fellow kiwis in an interview with John Campbell. Fellow blogger Diane Revoluta has written this brilliant post titled Something is Rotten in the State of New Zealand (4th May 2012) which summarises much of our anger and frustration. We thought we would share it with you:    

Yesterday somewhere between 2000-5000 people marched in Wellington against the government’s plans to partially sell state assets. This followed a similar sized march in Auckland last weekend and a week-long hikoi starting in Cape Reinga. After last year’s record low voter turn out, it would seem that when it comes to political issues apathy is rife in New Zealand. People seem disinterested in the traditional ways in which politicians engage with the public and disillusioned by the corruption and lack of integrity displayed by some politicians. Which is why the size of these protests and the strength of the opposition to asset sales is all the more impressive. Protest is the antithesis of apathy, and the fact that an issue has mobilised so many New Zealanders is good reason for the government to sit up and take notice.

Did John Key sit up and take notice? No. In fact, John Key’s response to thousands of New Zealanders spending their lunch break protesting on the streets (and thousands more supporting them from around the country on Twitter, Facebook and other online forums) was this:  “How many people did they have? Ok, where was it? [laughs] Well, OK, no I wasn’t aware of it.”

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Tough Choices for Kiwi Mums’ and Dads’

1 Mar

Cartoon provided by Robbie Neilson.

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